Automation Dashboard Overview

Automation Dashboard Overview

What is the Automation Dashboard

The Automation Dashboard has been designed to allow for quick and easy set up a number of automations that can help to reduce workload, increase data quality and improve customer satisfaction.

This dashboard gives you instant access to some automation staples so you can benefit right away. 

Please note: Some of the Automation Dashboard features are still in the stage of beta testing for business and commercial listings. We are monitoring the performance of these listings closely

Email Autoresponders

This automation will allow you to easily create a simple email autoresponder for when an enquiry is made from your website

You can manage autoresponders for;
  1. Sale listing enquiries
  2. Rental listing enquiries
  3. ‘Contact Us’ form submissions
Each autoresponder can be customised to the response type and the use of merge fields will customise each message.

Automated Alert Criteria

This automation will create new alert criteria on a contact or adjust current ones to ensure when you are sending listing details to a potential buyers and tenants, that match their needs.

The alert criteria will be created based on the listing that was enquired on. This can be from an online enquiry, or from an Inspection time or private inspection.

For more information on setting up Automated Property Alerts, please see our guide here.

Weekly Inspection Time Email

This automation will send an email each week with your upcoming Inspection ( Open Home )
times to your database contacts who are subscribed to receive Sales or Rental Inspection times.

For more information on setting up Automated Property Alerts,  please see our guide here.

Inspection Time Invitation

This automation will send an invitation for upcoming inspection times to contacts that have enquired on the listing.

For more information on setting up Inspection Time Invitations, please see our guide here.

Inspection Time Reminder

This automation will send a reminder to contacts that have registered for an upcoming inspection time.

For more information on setting up Inspection Time Reminders, please see our guide here.

Looking for more complex automation's?

The Automation Engine is the machine behind the Automation Dashboard. Automate complex operations within your Arosoftware account or customise the standard automation dashboard scenarios. If you would like to discuss a complete automation solution please contact us.

Please note: Email or SMS Credits and sender verification is required to send bulk emails and SMS.
To assist with email deliverability, emails must be sent from a verified email domainClick here to see the help file