Is my domain name verified to send emails from Aro

Is my domain name verified to send emails from Aro

Why do I need to verify my domain name?

To maximise email deliverability, we are constantly making changes to the way emails are sent from Arosoftware to ensure that best practices are being met. This ensures the emails you send end up in as many inboxes as possible.

We have made several updates of late as mail servers get even more strict. To ensure that you benefit from these updates you will need to make sure that your domain name has all of the required records in your DNS (Domain name server) settings.  In order to check if your domain is ready to send emails, we have created a new section in the software to guide you through the process.

How do I find out if my domain name is verified?

Firstly, click on the setup cog in the top right corner of your home screen  

Next, select Email Domains from the setup page

The following page will open, showing all domains in your account ( this is primarily based on valid team member, agency and office email addresses )

If your domain is verified, your screen will look like this and you are good to go

However if you get a screen that shows a warning in the verified for email column...

Click on 'Verify' to show the checklist of required items to be completed.

To get your domain verified, there are three ways to complete this.

1. Send an email to your DNS Hosting provider or IT team with required information to be inserted into the DNS records 

From here you will be asked to provide the DNS Host/ IT team email address to send the required settings to. You can also send a copy of the email to an alternative email address if required.

2. Provide Aro with your DNS host login details and we can update the required records for you 

Clicking here will open the following form for to enter in required details

Please make sure you have confirmed the login details are correct and work before supplying them to us 

3. Add in details yourself by clicking each of the four required fields and copying the required record information into your DNS settings. 
This method should only be used, if you understand this process and know what are doing. If done incorrectly, modifying these settings can disable your email and your website!!
N.B - You may see the following screen where some of the items are ticked, if you have used or been set up with our email / newsletter functions previously.
 In order to ensure any issues with sending emails / campaigns are minimised, the missing information needs to be updated in your DNS settings.

Once these records have been updated, you can click on 'Re-check My Domain' and if all is ok, you should see the following screen.

Only once all four items are ticked, will your domain be fully verified to maximise the effectiveness of your campaigns. 
N.B - Please note that these records are required to be kept in your DNS. If they are removed by anyone, you will experience deliverability issues with emails and campaigns