Coming Soon Listings

Coming Soon Listings


The “Coming Soon” feature streamlines the process of showcasing your 'Off Market' or 'Pre Market' properties to your existing list of matching buyers before publishing to the Real Estate portals. 

A coming soon listing will only be published to your own website by default and you even have the option to hide it from search results.  This gives the option to keep the listing very exclusive as it can only be viewed from its unique URL sent to your buyer list.  

Getting Started

Watch the video below for how to add a coming soon listing

Or see the steps below:

1. Navigate to your dashboard and select the pending listing you want to showcase.

2. Click on the 'Edit' button.

3. Update the listing stage to 'Available.'

4. Tick the 'Coming Soon' option

5. Click on 'Edit Coming Soon Settings' to go to tab and see your customization options.

      - Website visibility - Choose to show or hide the listing in website search results.
      - Banner - Choose to display a Coming Soon banner and update the banner text wording.

6. Save your listing to lock in the changes.

7. 'Coming Soon' notification displays on the listing overview page.

8. The share listing options are now available for the listing, such as Email Campaign and Amplify Social Ads.

9. Go to the listing website tab and click on 'View on Website" button beside your website feed option.

10. 'Coming Soon' banner is displayed on the listing on your website.


Can Coming soon listing still be uploaded to portals?

Yes, you have the option to upload the listing to Coming soon platforms such as Listing Loop or get your Coming Soon leads in from REA Ignite.

How will the listing show on my agency website?

By default the listing will be shown on your website with a “Coming Soon” banner. You can update the banner text and also hide the listing from your website search so that it can only be viewed via a direct URL.